UWC – COVID-19 Unemployment Insurance Legislation and Tax Webinar

National UI Foundation Seminar: What’s Next for Unemployment Insurance as We Recover from COVID-19?
$ 35.00

During this a two-hour webinar, we will review the legislation, fraud and identity theft, and the impact on unemployment taxes, and projections for 2022 and 2023.

What are the issues arising from implementation of the COVID-19 related legislation?

What legislative and administrative fixes remain to be addressed?

What is the status of UI trust fund solvency post- recession?

What has been the impact on costs for employers and workers so far and projected costs and benefits?

Join national experts in discussing these questions and addressing your individual questions through the UWC Foundation national UI webinar.  This webinar will be followed on October 20 -23, 2021 with the UWC Foundation annual national UI issues conference at the Indianapolis Hilton downtown (in person).

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