OPTimum UIdentify

 Stop Organized Fraud In Its Track

The Problem: Unemployment Insurance Fraud

The Solution: OPTimum UIdentify

OPTimum’s UIdentify stops organized fraud in its tracks. Quickly and accurately validate if a person is who they claim to be. The OPTimum solution crossmatches the individual’s driver’s license or state issued ID against the National Drivers’ License Data Verification Service.

Using a mobile device or desktop computer with a camera, the Unemployment Insurance applicant scans the barcode on the back of their license or ID. The detailed information in that bar code containing up to 17 data elements is immediately matched against the national repository to verify the person’s identity.

The live scan proves in real time that the individual has a state issued Identification in their possession.  The process is quick and easy having minimal impact on legitimate claimants and the initial claim filing process. As Fraudsters rely on stolen data, and do not have a physical ID, this will absolutely stop the Fraud.

Additionally, the UIdentify tool includes “anti-replay” technology to ensure that the authentication request is valid and not a replay of any previous request.

How Can SWAs Leverage UIdentify?

Verification of Identity During Initial Claim Filing
Inserting the Identity Proofing check at this point in the process denies the fraudsters the ability to set the claim process in motion without agent intervention. Without a valid ID, states will let the individual file a claim however, no benefits will be authorized without an agent or adjudicator verifying the claimant’s identity through a one-on-one interview. Ideally lacking the physical ID document in their possession will deter the fraudster from completing the initial claim filing application.

Verification of Identity During Continued Claim Filing
Inserting a one-time identity proofing check to your existing continued claims denies fraudsters who have already established claims to continue the fraudulent claim. Without a successful ID Verification, the claim would be stopped.

Verification of Identity Through a Follow-up with an Adjudicator or Investigator
The OPTimum UIdentity Solution provides an on-demand tool agents, adjudicators, or investigator can use at any time during the review of a claim. Batch capabilities allows agencies to target individuals or specific segments of their claim population.

Easy Request and Response Process

Whether as part of your initial claim process or a targeted batch of a specific segment of your claim population, from a claimant’s perspective the ID Proofing request and response process is intuitive and easy to follow. In less than 2 minutes a claimant can easily verify his/her identity.

Hosted or On Premise

The OPTimum Integrity Cloud is designed to allow the UIdentify layer to be readily hosted in a cloud solution on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) FedRamp certified GovCloud environment or “on-premises”, including a state’s public or private cloud solution. OPTimum AWS hosted cloud solutions can be spun-up quickly and securely. The OnPoint cloud environment can scale quickly as the state claims load increases. If an on-premise deployment is preferred, the OnPoint technical team will work with the state team or IaaS provider to size and set up the required environments quickly and efficiently with the required knowledge transfer.

Streamlined Integration and Rollout Strategy for Prevention and Detection

The implementation roadmap gives states access to powerful tools quickly and the grows the level of integration as the state’s priorities require.

  • Products get deployed early in the project, usually within 2-3 weeks of project launch.
  • Early roll-outs require little-to-no integration. States users gain access to much needed defenses instantly.
  • Subsequent roll outs progress into uploading/FTP of batch files extracted from the state’s systems.
  • The microservice approach allows for each product layer to get implemented and operate within EDD a lot faster while still maintaining business continuity for state UI Benefits platforms.

Automated data transfers and automation of actions between systems are jointly developed by state IT.

Key Features
  • The solution uses a trusted reliable national data source.
  • Validates up to 17 different data elements including: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Identification Number, Issue Date, Expiration Date, Address, Eye Color, Sex, Height, Weight, Date and Location of where license was issued.
  • One element check vs all matching provides a stronger level of confidence that you know your claimant.
  • Requires individuals to perform a live physical task using a document in their possession.
  • Provides a near impossible hurdle for sophisticated groups like “Scattered Canary” to carry out mass fraud schemes.
  • All data is encrypted at rest and in transit, ensuring all PII is secure throughout the Identity Proofing process.
  • All UIdentify transactions are completely transient so that no PII is persisted in the system. No data is retained.
  • The solution is a stand-alone tool that can be implemented to solve for many use cases from account creation, to agency staff requiring Identity proofing as part of issue resolution.
  • The bar code scanning process is easy to execute and presents less of a barrier to legitimate claimants than other systems that ask individuals detailed questions about their past.
  • Fake ID detection.
Proven Results

Why Choose On Point Technology? 

On Point has been developing and managing integrity solutions for close to 3 decades.  We have team members that span the nation totally centuries of UI experience.  In addition to our experience directly within state workforce agencies, our technology staff also has over 100 years of combined UI experience.

We get UI, it’s 100% of our business since our inception.

State A was buried with a sizable backlog of claims they suspect was largely fraud.
— After filtering through UIdentify over 10% of the claims were discovered to be valid claimants. Those claims were quickly cleared and deserving claimants began receiving benefits.

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