OPTimum Benefits & Tax Modernization

Improve customer service, staff productivity, and compliance while lowering cost

OPTimum Summary

OPTimum Modernization combines the most comprehensive technical framework with advanced workforce applications to empower state benefits agencies, enable innovation, and promote efficiency through agility and best practices. On Point Technology has a 100% successful product deployment rate over our decades-long company history as a national solutions provider. This is a best-of-breed Modernization Solution, based on current technology, and incorporates our cumulative 500 years of state and federal benefits agencies experience.

Participant Facing Portal

OPTimum is setting industry trends to satisfy customer demand for self-service functionality. Complying with all ADA standards for accessible web design including, but not limited to, definitions by Chapter 5 of the ADA Best Practices Tool Kit for State and Local Governments. Visually appealing, intuitive portal allows participants to file all needed forms, get updates in real time (including adjudicator’s determinations), request tax forms, access complete payment history, repay over-payments, download handbooks, rules and regulations, and even veterans’ services. Mobile friendly so participants can easily access and accomplish their own tasks which eases agency staff workflow.

Robust Reporting Tools

OPTimum supports a highly granular data and functional authorization schema. This capability is leveraged throughout reporting functions. Reports, forms, communications are all accessible to appropriately authorized agency staff. For new reporting requirements staff will be able to create a new report template and add it to the existing templates in the reports module. The process is managed in conjunction with the OPTimum Business Rules Engine which provides clear and accessible insight into the methodology used in the generation of each report.

Integrated Change Management

Our intuitive, visual, object-based editor enables authorized agency/department users to modify and create complex business processes and rules. Once the modifications are tested and approved, the newly modified processes, rules, and templates can be deployed to production without compromising the integrity of the software. Case management services are designed to support the workflow and subsequent modifications caused by changes to regulations, internal processing policies, and improvements. This has the added benefit of decreasing the reliance on and burden to IT resources.

Advanced Business Process Tools

Configuration, Not Code—Rather than employing the “one size fits all” approach, advanced configurability options manage the user interface and system operations. Microservices and components are designed from the ground up with scalability and reusability in mind. Business processes, interfaces, and application features are driven through a substantial configuration interface, empowering agencies to make substantive changes, system enhancements, and add new program support without the need for costly and time-consuming programming and change orders.

Multi-Language Support

OPTimum’s application user interface uses a programming language with built-in globalization detection and tokenization that customizes the user interface to display the user’s preferred language. Similarly, documents are generated using templates and for each language, a suite of document templates is available. And when OPTimum’s case management automatically assigns participants to case workers, it will use their same preferred language to match them.

Mobile-Friendly Platform

Smartphones currently represent 79% of the mobile marketplace, and now more than ever, government agencies need to transform the ways they interact, engage, and do business with the public. For a system to be mobile ready, the business logic and data need to be available for mobile applications. Those applications also need to present the user interface on a mobile platform. The OPTimum Solution is fully mobile responsive, regardless of the device being used. No matter what gadget, your constituents will be able to access the participant facing system when and how they choose.

Smart Benefits, Effective Results

Reduces Risk | Current, modern application design and quicker, modular deployment allows states to achieve near term wins. On Point shares the risk by offering a subscription model

More Affordable | Avoid prohibitive capital expenditures and amortize costs with a subscription model. Reduced vendor maintenance costs and lower predictable TCO

Better User Experience | OPTimum is configurable, mobile ready, multi-lingual, has a built-in help system and is 508 compliant

Agency Configurable | An intuitive, simple, visual-based editor empowers authorized agency users to modify and create business processes and rules and reduces dependency on vendor

Scalable | Easily expandable to incorporate future system and program improvements with minimal investment

Truly Modern | Architected with microservices

Continuous Improvement | Improvements and revisions to OPTimum will be continuously delivered with subscription model. You can rely on an application and service that is current and maintained

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