OPTimum Resolve

The most advanced adjudication intelligence software in the Unemployment Insurance landscape.

A Modern and Modular Solution For UI Adjudication.

OPTimum Resolve - A Modular based Adjudication System

Within this Integrity Modular Eco System is OPTimum Resolve. Whether an Agency needs to enhance and automate their adjudication system or states that currently have backlog containing both fraudulent and valid claims, OPTimum Resolve can help.

More On OPTimum Resolve

Full case management for all issue types.
Intelligent Issue Assignment.
FastPath Processing.

Resolve is our issue management system that handles all issue types end-to-end.

It also intelligently distributes issue workload via business rules.

Additionally, Resolve uses our proprietary FastPath processing that supports automated recommendations based on adverse evidence. This expedites issue resolution and boosts agency throughput.

That automated business process is the 4th layer of our strategy. The goal is to automate as many steps within the business process and place the responsibility and the associated work back in the hands of the claimant and employer. The system generates tasks and sends out correspondence to the relevant parties and tracks the responses and determines the next steps based on business rules.

This trims the work associated with issues and allows agency staff to focus more of their time on more complicated issues.

Intelligent Fact Finding

Streamlined fact-finding.
Evidence upload supported.
Direct access to issue artifacts.

Resolve provides streamlined intelligent fact-finding through custom narrative entry and/or configurable question trees to
gather the true facts. Our fact-finding interview trees guide the claimant, employer, and agent through a comprehensive list of questions designed by adjudication experts to reach an accurate, reliable, and consistent determination.

Adjudicators, claimants and employers can also upload evidence artifacts like documents, pdfs, spreadsheets, audio, and/or video files to support issue resolution.

All artifacts that are related to the issue that have either been pulled in from the claim or uploaded evidence are all viewable from the issue details page.

Simple and Comprehensive

Business process engine guides staff through issue resolution.
Consistent and reliable determinations.
Comprehensive issue details in one place.

Resolve uses a business process engine to simplify all issue resolution into consistent and repeatable steps, and guides staff
through the entire process.

This results in consistent and reliable determinations across all staff.

Lastly, the user interface provides comprehensive views of issue details and related benefit year information. This is all in
one place so that staff can focus on resolving issues instead of hunting down information across multiple systems.

This is the fifth and last layer that helps the agency breakdown otherwise complex issues into simple, manageable steps to
achieve efficient and reliable results.

More on the OPTimum Integrity Cloud

The OIC is an enterprise solution that covers all
UI integrity functions and objectives
Built specifically for UI from day 1...none of this is
ported of from another industry thus ensuring it
really nails down the complexities of UI.
Everything from prevention and detection to
adjudication, collection, and legal enforcement.
It’s a holistic approach and solution but our
layered strategy allows the state to pinpoint where
to extend its current capabilities.
Any of the individual solutions can be layered
where needed allowing the state to continue using
any systems and process that work well for you
These solutions are helping states resolve
massive backlogs, they’re also being integrated as
a part of claims processing.

OPTimum Resolve Features

Integrates Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
Systems for Managing Varied Forms of Content.

Reduces manual paper handling (inbound and
outbound) and improves the efficiency of your UI tax
and benefits business processes.

Automated Workflow Processes.

Removes unwanted manual processes, improves
operational efficiency, and improves ability to track
and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and
critical success factors (CSFs).

Exploits Interface Independent Development.

Reduces development and maintenance costs
by exploiting the features of all preeminent web
browsers, mobile platforms or web services using
MVVM without having to rewrite business logic.

Adaptable Application Architecture.

Separates the underlying technical architecture from
the business architecture, allowing you to change
layers independently from each other and allowing
you to minimize downtime when state and federal
policies change, or when your environment demands

Single Code Base for Long-Term Maintenance.

Simplifies development and maintenance and
reduces total cost of ownership by using a single,
common code base and business rules engine for
online forms, batch processes, web services, and
self-service portals.

Core UI Tax and Benefits Functionality.

Maps to your UI Tax and Benefits requirements out-of-
the-box, reducing configurations and customizations.

Scalable, Open Architecture Standards.

Employs leading standards and techniques to
promote interoperability and maintainability of your

Comprehensive Self-Service Portals

Enables secure easy-to-use, online self-service
access to claimant, employer, and third-party
administrators; provides a common look and feel
to each stakeholder through any preeminent web

Robust .NET Development Framework Incorporating
Leading Vendor Tools.

Reduces development, maintenance, and training
costs and improves your total cost of ownership
by simplifying development and maintenance.
The Sagitec Development Suite includes tools for
designing, developing and testing Sagitec software

Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting Features.

Supports standard off-peak queries, report
customization, and ad hoc reporting – allowing your
management team to monitor workloads and key
process metrics while complying with federal and
state reporting requirements.

Microsoft .NET Technology.

Reduces total cost of ownership by applying common
skills across a variety of devices, application types,
and programming tasks; integrates with other tools
and technologies to build tailor -made solutions faster
using a more cost effective approach.

Robust Approach to Business Rule Management.

Separates business rules from application code;
allows Business Analysts to model, design, test, and
deploy new business rules without programming to
quickly accommodate changes in federal and state
policies and laws.

Support for Advanced and Automated System
Access... Anytime, Anywhere.

Provides seamless application integration with nearly
any commercial or legacy software or software
components via web services; leverage existing
investments in software packages
such as accounting, customer relationship
management (CRM), ECM, telephony, mobile, business
intelligence, legacy systems, and other vendor

Integrated Database and Data Structure.

Removes redundant and out-of-sync data across
your organization, without locking you into a specific
database product. Change underlying database
products as often as necessary to lower your cost of
ownership or exploit new advances in products.

N-tier, Component-based Architecture.

Streamlines integration of off-the-shelf components
and services with existing and custom code to speed
initial development and ease long-term maintenance.

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