OPTimum Resolve

The most advanced adjudication intelligence software in the Unemployment Insurance landscape.

A Modern and Modular Solution For UI Adjudication.

OPTimum Resolve - A Modular based Adjudication System

Within this Integrity Modular Eco System is OPTimum Resolve. Whether an Agency needs to enhance and automate their adjudication system or states that currently have backlog containing both fraudulent and valid claims, OPTimum Resolve can help.

More On OPTimum Resolve

Full case management for all issue types.
Intelligent Issue Assignment.
FastPath Processing.
Resolve is our issue management system that handles all issue types end-to-end.

It also intelligently distributes issue workload via business rules.

Additionally, Resolve uses our proprietary FastPath processing that supports automated recommendations based on adverse evidence. This expedites issue resolution and boosts agency throughput.

That automated business process is the 4th layer of our strategy. The goal is to automate as many steps within the business process and place the responsibility and the associated work back in the hands of the claimant and employer. The system generates tasks and sends out correspondence to the relevant parties and tracks the responses and determines the next steps based on business rules.

This trims the work associated with issues and allows agency staff to focus more of their time on more complicated issues.

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