The OPTimum Platform

The most comprehensive technical framework ever built for benefits agencies. Choose one application or use them all.

An unprecedented approach within benefits programs, the OPTimum Platform is a suite of microservice, configurable applications which can accommodate the evolving needs of any organization. Architected along the same cutting-edge principles of Google, Amazon, and Netflix, the OPTimum Platform is revolutionizing the sector with its hybrid-cloud technology.


Choose one application or use them all, the OPTimum Platform minimizes hardware, development, training, and deployment costs and also lessens risk with quicker installations and far fewer disruptions to your operations. Built to be flexible and adaptive, business-user friendly, and provide the highest lifetime ROI, the OPTimum Platform scales to your agency’s changing needs and promotes efficiency through agility and best practices.

OPTimum’s Capabilities:

  • Flexible: Comprised of modular components addressing all aspects of benefits and tax systems
  • Cloud Enabled: OPTimum can fully support agencies that host a cloud environment
  • Configurable: Not “programmed”— Users can change workflows to reflect program changes
  • Accessible: All business workflows are modeled in an easy to comprehend graphical language
  • Scalable: Easily expandable to incorporate future system and program improvements with minimal investment
  • Help System: Robust online training webinars, knowledge base site, and additional educational sessions as needed
  • Maintainable: Architected on a platform of independent maintainable application layers
  • Continuous Improvement: Advancements and revisions to OPTimum will be steadily delivered

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