OPTimum IDH Broker

Tackle fraud claims through SWA collaboration

The Problem

 OPTimum IDH Broker

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  • The OPTimum IDH Broker handles all IDH requests and responses including SAR, IDV, Multi-State Claims, Fraud Alerts, Foreign IP, and Suspicious Email Domains.
  • Fully automated integration with IDH is critical to capturing its value. Increasing the number of cross matched claims increases the number of bad actors blocked from defrauding the UI program nationwide as they continue to file claims from one state to another.
  • We tackle the entire integration between the state and IDH, so the agency can focus on working the leads instead of worrying about the implementation effort.
  • Additionally, our solution has a dedicated lead tracker that displays each request and the corresponding response so investigators can prioritize their leads and expedite their investigations. We have custom filters and on-screen indicators that highlight attributes that should be focused on and agents can mark the status of the lead and the result of the investigation to properly manage workload.
  • All of this can be available very quickly as we have an expert data mapping team that works hand-in-hand with the state to get the ETL completed and the first roll-out up and running within 2 weeks.
  • Our solution is completely aligned with NASWAs IDH Roadmap and is committed to adding all additional IDH functionality (for example, IDH recently released their latest template that included modifications to the IDV and SAR services and we simply added this functionality to our broker) This comes at no additional cost and is already included in the subscription.
  • Additionally, all leads generated as part of this service are fully integrated into Resolve for prompt issue resolution.
  • Having the OPTimum IDH Broker effectively strips the claim population of those confirmed suspicious actors and further shrinks the backlog.
Hosting and Subscrption Model

On Point’s subscription model outlines a process that lets EDD take advantage of system capabilities that have been developed and matured over 30 years with our team focusing solely on unemployment insurance technology and automation.  This model eliminates the burden from state agencies managing another application, hardware stack, and dedicated FTEs, instead; your team focuses on their prime objectives of managing and paying benefits to those in need.

The hardware stack is cloud hosted using a state-of-the-art architecture within the AWS cloud and AWS GovCloud platforms.  These environments follow all the same security restrictions and guidelines currently adhered to by UI agencies data centers and on-premises hosted platforms. (i.e NIST 800-53 and FISMA; SOC 2 Audit (coming soon))

The On Point modified SaaS model will provide EDD with a single tenant approach to access the environment and software layers through a secure portal.  Each state gets their own VPC which isolates and partitions them from other state hosted platforms and OIC layers.  While in this environment On Point will assure SLAs are being maintained and scaled based on the current economic scenarios, this makes managing recession-based volumes less of a worry for states.  On Point will also provide multiple updates to the applications throughout the year to our subscribers.  There is normally one dot release and one major release for each layer on an annual basis.

Integration and rollout strategy Prevention / Detection

The implementation roadmap gives states access to powerful tools quickly and the grows the level of integration as the state’s priorities require.

  • Products get deployed early in the project, usually within 2-3 weeks of project launch.
  • Early roll-outs require little-to-no integration. States users gain access to much needed defenses instantly.
  • Subsequent roll outs progress into uploading/FTP of batch files extracted from the state’s systems.
  • The microservice approach allows for each product layer to get implemented and operate within EDD a lot faster while still maintaining business continuity for state UI Benefits platforms.

Automated data transfers and automation of actions between systems are jointly developed by state IT.

Proven Results

    State A began to encounter that 70% of their initial claims over a period of a few weeks were hitting fraud score thresholds.

    • Both the IDH broker and audits available within our ID Theft product are detecting the fraud claims and enabling the claims to be blocked.

    State B using our IDH Broker and NASWA’s SAR reported the prevention of 40 Millions dollars over 2020 Quarters 2 and 3.

    Why Choose On Point? 


    On Point has been developing and managing integrity solutions for close to 3 decades.  We have team members that span the nation totally centuries of UI experience.  In addition to our experience directly within state workforce agencies, our technology staff also has over 100 years of combined UI experience.

    We get UI, it’s 100% of our business since our inception.

    STATE A – Benefits and Tax ID Theft FraudX
    — During a controlled pilot an estimated
    $2,500,000 of potential Overpayments were detected
    $19,000,000 OP overpayments prevented

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