OPTimum IDH Broker

Tackle Fraud Claims Through SWA Collaboration.

The Module Approach

The OPTimum Integrity Cloud (OIC) is a suite of tools that solves for all integrity functions from prevention and detection to adjudication, collection, and legal enforcement. This cloud-based suite has been architected leveraging micro services to support a modular approach. The modular design allows a state to implement each component separately adding additional components as needed. The results is a UI Integrity solution that evolves to serve the changing needs of state workforce agencies.
Within this Integrity Modular Eco System is the OPTimum Integrity Data Hub (IDH) Broker. Designed by leading UI experts, the Integrity Data Hub Broker provides critical cross-matching functionality to combat the challenges and urgencies of UI and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) fraud.
The On Point’s Integrity Data Broker brings that collaborative approach to your agent’s desktop to support their efforts to prevent improper payments and fraud. The OPTimum IDH Broker handles all IDH requests and responses including SAR, IDV, Multi-State Claims, Fraud Alerts, Foreign IP, Suspicious Email Domains, and Suspicious Bank Account and Routing numbers.

More On OPTimum IDH Broker

Streamline entire integration between SWA and NASWA IDH.
Implementation of the initial rollout is live within 2 weeks.
Intuitive UX that consolidates all requests and responses.
Easily prioritize leads and expedite investigations.
Aligned with NASWAs IDH Roadmap.

We tackle the entire integration between the state and IDH, so the agency can focus on working the leads instead of worrying about the implementation effort.

Additionally, our solution has a dedicated lead tracker that displays each request and the corresponding response so investigators can prioritize their leads and expedite their investigations. We have custom filters and on-screen indicators that highlight the attributes most important to you.

All of this can be available very quickly, but one thing to note is that we have an expert data mapping team that works hand-in-hand with the state to get the ETL completed and the first roll-out up and running within two weeks.

Our solution is completely aligned with NASWAs IDH Roadmap and is committed to adding all additional IDH functionality (for example, NASWA recently released their newest templates that included suspicious similar emails and bank routing numbers). This comes at no additional cost and is already included in the subscription.

Additionally, all leads generated as part of this service are fully integrated into Resolve for prompt issue resolution.

Having the OPTimum IDH Broker effectively strips the claim population of those confirmed suspicious actors and further shrinks the backlog.

Provides critical cross-matching functionality that allows your state workforce agency to compare and analyze UI claims data with other SWAs to create a front-line defense against fraud.

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