OPTimum IDH Broker

Tackle fraud claims through SWA collaboration

The Problem

The Solution: OPTimum IDH Broker

Integrate your systems with the robust Integrity Data Hub (IDH) provided by NASWA and gain entry to the multi-state Suspicious Actor Repository. Bad actors continually attempt to defraud SWAs across the nation, and by collaboratively identifying known bad actors, you can prevent this fraud from invading your program.

The OPTimum SAR integration module quickly provides direct integration with IDH Broker.  OPTimum IDH Broker includes a robust lead management system that streamlines the management of leads received from IDH Broker and simplifies communicating back to IDH Broker.

Fully automated integration with IDH is critical to capturing its value. Increasing the number of crossmatched claims increases the number of bad actors blocked from defrauding the UI program nationwide as they continue to file claims from one state to another. 

Reporting to IDH Broker also serves as a much-needed intra-state crossmatch mechanism that ensures bad actors are entirely blocked. Independently working SWAs are a missed opportunity at curtailing this situation. The key to maximizing the IDH value is an IDH integration that automatically cross-references all claims, integrates leads back into the benefits system, and has lead management tools to support investigations and communications back to IDH. OPTimum’s SAR module squarely achieves these strategic goals.

How Can SWAs Benefit from IDH Broker?

Detection: Many fraudsters target multiple states at once – sharing data helps limit this type of fraud. Many PUA claimants do not have state wage data to send between states, so it is difficult, if not impossible, to know if they are filing in multiple states without using IDH Broker. 

Prevention: By crossmatching claims against IDH Broker, SWAs can stop claims before they ever leave the door.

Initial claims:  Data gathered during the claims process is sent to and analyzed by IDH Broker to determine if there is any reason to suspect fraud. 

Adjudication/Investigations:  Agents can use the information returned from IDH Broker as part of their investigations to determine if a suspicious claim is genuinely fraudulent. 

Key Features

  Expanded Data: IDH-SAR provides SWAs with significantly more data to find fraud than they have in just their own database. 

  Future Capabilities: Our alignment to NASWA’s goals allows us to provide product updates that meet their specifications continually. 

  Ease Of Reporting: Reports to IDH allow staff to mark individual elements of confirmed fraud and send this data directly to IDH Broker. These reports help seed the IDH database with confirmed suspicious actors and improve the effectiveness of the service while enabling agencies to build internal repositories of confirmed suspicious actors to crossmatch against. 

  All Claim Types: OPTimum IDH Broker can send all claim types (Initial, Continued, etc.) to crossmatch against the IDH Broker service depending on your needs. 

  Aligned with NASWA: As NASWA enhances the IDH suite of services, we are committed to being tightly aligned with those offerings and providing that value within this product. 

  Internal Repository: OPTimum IDH Broker allows for states to build repositories of their own confirmed suspicious actors to crossmatch against and aid in tracking intra-state fraud schemes. 

Streamline Activation

SWA’s can have an instance of On Point’s Identity Proofing application activated and stopping fraud within days. With OPTimum Integrity Cloud, months-long implementations are a thing of the past. Our suite of products is architected for rapid days-long deployment within a state workforce agency.

Hosted or On Premise

OPTimum Integrity Cloud is designed to allow the Identity Proofing layer to be delivered as an OnPoint-hosted cloud solution utilizing AWS FedRamp on GovCloud or as an “on-premises” state-based public or private cloud solution. An OPTimum AWS hosted cloud solution can be made available almost instantaneously and can rapidly scale up as the state’s claims load increases. If an on-premises deployment is preferred, we will work with state internal teams or IaaS providers to assess and set up the required environment, undertake the required knowledge transfer, and deploy the solution with a high level of efficiency and quality.

Network Diagram

Act Now And Save Millions

Fraud continues at record levels while trust funds are dangerously low and being depleted at an unprecedented rate. OPTimum Integrity Cloud with Identity Proofing will have an immediate impact on stopping fraud. Book a virtual demonstration today by calling 866.482.0189 or emailing info@onpointtech.com 

We look forward to demonstrating how OPTimum Integrity Cloud can help transform fraud detection in your state.

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Over our thirty-plus years of existence, UI has been and continues to be 100% of OPT’s business – it is all we do. Our accomplished team enables us to serve our clients holistically and expertly.

STATE A – Benefits and Tax ID Theft FraudX
— During a controlled pilot and estimate
$2,500,000 of potential Overpayments were detected
$19,000,000 OP overpayments prevented

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