OPTimum ID Theft

Uncover Identify Theft Residing Within Your UI Claims.

The Module Approach

The OPTimum Integrity Cloud (OIC) is a suite of tools that solves for all integrity functions from prevention and detection to adjudication, collection, and legal enforcement. This cloud-based suite has been architected leveraging microservices to support a modular approach. The modular design allows a state to implement each component separately adding additional components as needed. The results is a UI Integrity solution that evolves to serve the changing needs of state workforce agencies.
Identity Theft provides advanced analytics that creates and proactively refines a database of known bad actors.

More On OPTimum ID Theft

Creates and refines a database of known bad actors.
Leverages decades of UI fraud investigative knowledge combined with data science.
Batch results are scored and grouped.
Proven product with over $184MM saved.

Multivariate Algorithm scoring system adapts to evolving fraud schemes.

Built by data scientists, engineers and On Point Technology’s UI Fraud Subject Matter experts.

Incorporates external data sources from state benefits systems.

The solution works off data contained in the state’s benefits systems and can be deployed within a cloud solution.

Minimizes investigation time while maximizing identification of fraud schemes as early as possible, which helps protect State UI Trust Fund.

One customer has denied 3,500 ID Theft claims as of 03/24/2021.


Scoring attributes consist of 11 categories of data.
Investigators can flag accounts for investigation and boost the scoring algorithm by providing investigation results.
Scoring trends tracked over batch run cycles to quickly see pattern shifts.

OPTimum Identity Theft leverages 11 key categories of data to score each report.

Investigators can also flag claims for investigation and record the investigation results. This provides a feedback loop to the analytics engine to further refine the scoring algorithm.

Additionally, as shown in this screenshot, scoring trends are graphically represented on screen that allow investigators to track scoring changes and pattern shifts that are indicative of fraud schemes like claim.

Intelligence and feedback loop built-in to refine the existing model and detect emerging fraud patterns.

Empower investigators and enrich the dataset.

Ignore IP Addresses to prevent false positives.

Add suspicious email domains and ISPs.

Make scoring adjustments as needed.

Fraud evolves so our solution must adjust to stay ahead of emerging schemes. To do this, our team is constantly refining the model based on emerging patterns in the data, using an integrated feedback loop to reinforce our models, and providing additional configuration to empower investigators.

They can also add IP Addresses that the system should ignore in order to prevent false positives like library IPs and the agency IP. Once added, the application immediately takes those datasets into account when calculating the next score.

Within the application, investigators can maintain grey lists for suspicious email domains, and ISPs that are commonly indicative of suspicious activity.

Lastly, investigators can adjust the scoring weight to better align with patterns of fraud that they see in their state. This gives investigators the flexibility to target specific attributes and boost the weight within the overall scoring.

Overall, this layer pro-actively analyzes incoming claim data leveraging proven data models to detect ID Theft and related emerging schemes rapidly. This allows agencies to streamline the due process and trim that claim and issue backlog even further.

Allows for scoring weight adjustments as needed.

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