OPTimum Intelligent Fact Finding

Slash delays, reduce appeals, and boost adjudication.

OPTimum Intelligent Fact Finding—IFF

OPTimum IFF provides structured, interactive, and accurate claim issue detection while improving the timeliness and quality of your determinations. This internet-based product can be configured to your state laws and regulations and provides adjudicators comprehensive, documented fact finding so they can issue excellent, non-monetary decisions. IFF is the only web-enabled fact-finding software that guides the participant, employer, and adjudicator through a series of questions. Even inexperienced adjudicators become faster and more productive while rendering quality, standardized decisions


  • Detects and eliminates non-issues
  • Analyzes answers based on your state’s laws to determine disqualifications
  • Only pertinent information is gathered
  • Presents questions solely relevant to the issue
  • Intelligent question trees provide specific and objective answers from which to choose
  • Proactively addresses the current and future fact-finding challenges facing your agency


  • Improves quality and timeliness of determinations (U.S. Department of Labor standards)
  • Boosts productivity by eliminating non-issues
  • Saves time by only providing pertinent facts
  • Reduces appeals by creating uniform, fact-based decisions and minimizing subjective free-form text
  • Raises confidence in your agency’s adherence to state laws and regulations
  • Provides better service for your participants

OPTimum IFF Finds Pertinent Facts For:

Able Incarceration Registration
Available Labor dispute School attendance
Bona fide vacation Maritime crew member Seasonal employment
Between school terms Not employed Self-employment
Corporate officer Pension Suitable work
Discharge Professional athlete Union member
Earnings Quit Work search





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