OPTimum Enforce

Manage legal actions easily with the only tool built exclusively for benefits cases.

OPTimum Enforce

Automates the complicated and labor-intensive efforts associated with civil and criminal prosecution cases. Built exclusively for benefits programs, this innovative software seamlessly supports wage garnishment, lien, civil actions, and criminal prosecution. Applies federal, state, and agency regulations to generate legal documents, suggest venues and jurisdictions, and work titles for courts and court officers. If fully integrated with the OPTimum suite, Enforce will access overpayment, recovery, claim, benefit, and document data to help users build the initial case file.


  • Applies configurable business rules and federal and state laws and regulations.
  • Automatically creates customized legal documents and notices to court officials, claimants, and employers
  • Digitally archives case documents
  • Graphical dashboards of actionable items
  • Real-time and ad hoc reporting
  • Establishes cases for individuals or groups
  • Generates additional documents as cases progress
  • Maintains trial information as required by law
  • Updates an overpayment based on legal activity
  • Creates lists of upcoming trials and cases
  • Maintains audit trails and event histories
  • Handles liens, garnishments, civil actions, and prosecutions
  • Coordinates staff through automated task assignments
  • Available on the OPTimum platform


  • Anticipate due dates, trial dates, and restitution dates with automatic monitoring
  • Be on top of workflow with actionable items dashboard
  • Save time with automatic assignment, creation, and generation of tasks and documents
  • Know what’s happening now with real-time reporting
  • Manage your staff effectively with productivity reports
  • Process more claims with fewer people
  • Feel confident about law and regulation compliance
  • Be assured that if your staff changes size, Enforce is completely scalable
  • Integrate OPTimum with our full suite to access overpayment, recovery, claim, benefit, and document data to help staff build the initial case file

Enforce Success Stories




Increased number of liens filed from an average of 3 per day to 125 per day with no increase in staff


Fast Path in Enforce
  • Enforce automates the labor intensive work of legal cases
  • Creates cases without staff intervention
  • Automatically assigns cases to and generates documentation for the appropriate court
  • Alerts staff of missed due dates and deadlines as well as other failed responses
  • Takes actions based on overpayment balances and repayments
  • Automatically closes cases and releases liens, garnishments or other court orders
Integration with UI Online
  • Supports real-time and batch processing
  • Reads the system of record for accurate claimant and overpayment information
  • Sends updates to record status, judgements and other actions that carry Collections implications
  • Seamlessly adapts and integrates with Legacy & Modernized Benefits System

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