OPTimum Aware

Prevents ID theft, improper payments, and fraud through cutting-edge, self-learning analytics.

OPTimum Aware

Preventing billions of dollars in improper payments, OPTimum Aware is a robust suite of expert data analysis and management tools that provide sophisticated reporting as well as the detection of identity theft and organized fraud. Developed with input from state and federal benefit agencies nationwide and powered by innovative technology, Aware is a powerful business intelligence tool that will help you easily generate reports and analyses that would typically require extensive resources from the IT department. No information bottlenecks—this real-time analysis increases your teams productivity by quickly creating audits, custom queries, reports, and one-clicks.


  • Real-time, predictive analysis of your data
  • Consolidates data into single repository to quickly identify trends and patterns
  • Performs advanced queries via pre-programmed one-click audits
  • Automatically ranks potential fraud and abuse
  • Immediately generates real-time reports
  • Maximizes your existing data store
  • Incorporates new data into queries
  • Fully configurable, flexible, and scalable
  • Available on the OPTimum platform of microservice architecture


  • Optimized for those who may not have technical proficiencies
  • Investigate potential fraud schemes immediately—before payments go out
  • Prioritizing cases saves staff time and effort
  • No time lost between investigators and IT staff
  • Allows investigators to hone in on fraud more rapidly and accurately
  • More affordable

OPTimum Aware Success Stories




“Aware has far exceeded our expectation in its ability to detect fraud schemes”

– State Workforce Fraud Prevention Manager

OPTimum Aware Functionality

Workforce Reporter
Workforce Reporter is the most advanced program on the market for sophisticated data interrogation and reporting. Workforce Reporter performs queries across multiple disparate databases, aggregates data, and lets you navigate through the information in real time. Reports that previously took weeks—even months—to product can now be created in minutes.
One-Click Audits
One-click audits allow you to perform advanced queries and execute predictive analytics. Utilizing OPTimum Aware’s combined data repository, one-click audits let you interrogate data from disparate data sources in order to uncover clues and patterns indicative of organized fraud and tax evasion.
Dashboards enable management to harness the power of visualizing data in real time. Dashboards enable you to monitor, forecast, plan, report, track trends and allocate resources like never before. Use any available data to improve performance.

FraudX  solutions are built upon On Point Technology’s robust data analysis and management tools, employing predictive modeling capabilities to interrogate Agency and external data sources to score and rank cases. Designed to be nimble and adaptable and to evolve as fraud tactics change and become increasingly complex.

Our proprietary FraudX™ algorithms are integrated into OPTimum Aware and provide immediate insight to the most egregious of fraud schemes including Fictitious Employers, Identity Theft, Misclassified Workers, New Hire cases, and Claimant fraud. FraudX™ applies data analytics to claimant, employer and other data, identifies trends associated with fraud, and provides a predictive analytical score to cases.  This in turn, allows UI agencies to efficiently manage their workforce by putting their investigative resources on the cases with a high risk of fraud.

Configurable Modules


Target organized, identity theft based fraud with advanced abilities to collect data and perform sophisticated pattern analyses.


Identify instances of employers underpaying or not filing UI taxes and keep your UI Trust Fund solvent.

Fictitious Employer FraudX™
Score and rank employers based on numerous attributes that have been proven to identify Fictitious Employers.
ID Theft FraudX™
Uses advanced data analytics applied to agency data to identify claims that are most likely associated with identity theft schemes.
Misclassified Workers FraudX™
Detect, investigate, and prevent UI tax evasion stemming from the misclassification of employees as independent contractors.
NDNH FraudX™
Applies predictive analytics to use NDNH and SDNH more effectively, by ranking cases according to likelihood of overpayment and fraud.

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