OPTimum Recover

Decrease and recover improper payments.

OPTimum Recover

Improve the management of collections by fully automating the vast majority of your overpayments. Our software captures, tracks, and manages the recovery of overpaid benefits while simplifying your staffs’ recouping workflow. Designed to be configurable, OPTimum Recover accommodates each state’s unique laws and regulations, thereby supporting your agencies’ integrity mission. Our easy-to-read screens and intuitive, user-friendly reports mean your staff can quickly access a summary of each account and administrators can effectively manage their collection staff’s performance.


  • Automated account management and intelligent assignment of tasks
  • Monitors legacy systems for key updates such as address changes and NDNH hits
  • Generates all collections related notices and documents with automatic delinquency escalation
  • Complete account inquiry capabilities for authorized staff
  • Links to imaging repository of returned documents
  • Interfaces with other state, federal, and outside data suppliers to update key participant information
  • Creates online reports that detail recovery statistics, account activity, and collection staff performance
  • ODBC-compliant application
  • Available on the OPTimum platform of microservice architecture


  • Increases staff efficiency by allowing them to focus on more complicated cases
  • Increases overpayment recovery
  • Facilitates much higher recovery rates
  • Secures comprehensive documentation
  • Participant information constantly updated
  • Scalable to any state’s needs
  • Easily updates new regulations without the assistance of an IT specialist
  • Eliminates file folder and paper document storage

Recover Success Stories




Increased recovered fraud overpayments by more than over $2.5 million dollars

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