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On Point Technology Deploys OPTimum IDH Broker In Arkansas, To Assist The  Division Of Workforce Services In Preventing Unemployment Insurance Fraud.

Oakbrook, Illinois (January 18, 2020)  – On Point Technology, the UI leaders in fraud prevention service, was selected by The Arkansas Division of Workforce Services (ADWS) to implement its innovative Unemployment Insurance Fraud prevention and detection cloud based software suite “OPTimum Integrity Cloud”.  This state-of-the-art software is a next-generation UI integrity solution that leverages decades of UI experience, millions of dollars in R&D, and the power of cloud computing.

On Point has deployed the OPTimum IDH Broker that will take advantage of the NASWA Integrity Data Hub, provided by NASWA, and gain entry to the multi-state Suspicious Actor Repository. On Point’s IDH Broker provides a platform to easily integrate and analyze potential fraud through an easy to navigate portal.

With this partnership, it is expected that ADWS will prevent millions of dollars’ worth of UI Fraud.

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About IDH Broker

The OPTimum IDH Broker handles all IDH requests and responses including SAR, IDV, Multi-State Claims, Fraud Alerts, Foreign IP, and Suspicious Email Domains. Our solution fully automates the integration with IDH which is critical in capturing its value. Increasing the number of cross matched claims increases the number of bad actors blocked from defrauding the UI program nationwide, as they continue to file claims from one state to another.  IDH Broker has a dedicated lead tracker that displays each request and the corresponding response so investigators can prioritize their leads and expedite their investigations. We have custom filters and on-screen indicators that highlight attributes that should be focused on and agents can mark the status of the lead and the result of the investigation to properly manage workload.

 About On Point Technology

Founded by former state and federal agency staff and executives, On Point provides superior, modern, and efficient solutions to streamline benefits agencies’ workflow. Designed with an eye towards the future and a deep understanding of the past, all our products are built to maximize ROI and improve efficiency.  With the largest footprint in the UI industry, over half the states trust our products and services above all others. We are the only vendor to be called upon to give expert testimony before Congress on the challenges facing the UI benefits system.  Currently, our new configurable and scalable OPTimum Integrity Cloud is revolutionizing the fight against fraud.