OPTimum Leads New Hire Crossmatch

Prevent New Hire Fraud Schemes

OPTimum Leads NH Crossmatch

OPTimum Leads New Hire uses a 12 step scoring algorithm to score and rank hits to streamline and focus staff’s efforts.

Saves hundreds of labor hours and prevents new hire related fraud schemes in your state.

The OPTimum Leads NH Crossmatch Layered Solution

On Point’s layering framework provides SWAs the ability to choose the application layers of functionality that align best with their performance goals. As SWAs needs and goals evolve, they can add additional application layers. Layers can be deployed quickly to grow capability and output on demand.

OPTimum Leads NH  Crossmatch Layers


New Hire – daily crossmatching of claims along with scoring and ranking of leads.

Lead Manager – leads without a streamlined way to consume them is not a solution. Lead manager provides management and tracking functionality to speed the investigation and adjudication process.

Hosted or On-premise

The OPTimum Integrity cloud can be provided through OPT hosted Cloud solution utilizing AWS FedRamp on GovCloud or can be provided as an “on-premise” public or private cloud solution. The OPTimum hosted cloud solution can be made available almost instantaneously. If on-premise is preferred, no problem…we’ll work with your IaaS team to setup the devOps allowing us to deploy the solution with a high level of efficiency and quality.

Product Mission

Tried and true fraud prevention techniques such as New Hire have served SWA’s well. These unprecedented times make new hire even more valuable but the workload will prevent actualizing the benefits. Increasing the efficiently of it’s use and consumption is how OPTimum New Hire takes the effectiveness of new hire to another level.

Your Next Step

Fraud continues at record levels, trust funds are dangerously low and being depleted at an unprecedented rate.  The OPTimum Integrity Cloud will have an immediate impact. Contact us for a virtual demonstration. Call 866.482.0189 or email us at info@onpointtech.com. We look forward to determining how the OPTimum Integrity Cloud can help in your state.


Team On Point brings literally centuries of experience in UI. our team is comprised of many long-time stewards of the UI program who served in impactful roles across the nation. It’s an amazing accumulation of talent all with a great loyalty to the UI program.

For our entire +30 year existence, UI has been and continues to be 100% of OPT’s business, that’s all we do. Our team members that haven’t been directly employed with a SWA are mentored by the accomplished aforementioned team…it’s a total immersion in UI which enables us to expertly serve our clients.

STATE A – Benefits and Tax ID Theft FraudX
— During a controlled pilot and estimate
$2,500,000 of potential Overpayments were detected
$19,000,000 OP overpayments prevented 

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