The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment has charged a 52-year man with collecting unemployment insurance while working. The agency alleges he made $14,000 in fraudulent unemployment claims while working for three separate companies. The agency opened an investigation when the federal New Hire report listed the man as newly employed.

On Point Technology’s New Hire Crossmatch FraudX™ solution allows state agencies to utilize SDNH and NDNH to their fullest capacity – essential at all times, but especially now with severely strained State Unemployment Insurance Agency budgets reducing staffing levels. This application reduces the case load for agents by filtering out hits without overpayments. It also identifies duplicate issues before an employer is sent an earning request letter or an investigator spends time on a non-productive overpayment.

The New Hire Crossmatch FraudX™ matches new hires with weekly continued claims and removes reports with no claims after the date of hire. The application scores the remaining cases using the New Hire FraudX™ Algorithm. Case selection for weekly delivery is controlled by the user on an easy to use business rule page.


  • Ranks cases according to likelihood of overpayment and fraud
  • Uses data mining and predictive analytics to determine quality cases for investigation
  • Excludes leads and cases not requiring investigation
  • Filters out duplicate new hires reports and issues in process or previously adjudicated
  • Eliminates name discrepancy between new hire record and benefit system record
  • Removes new hire reports with missing W-4 data
  • 100% compliant with the guidelines set forth in UIPL 19-11
  • Integrates with legacy adjudication workflow
  • Configuration for state law, policy, and procedures
  • Controls workload per configurable business rules

New Hire Crossmatch FraudX™ Fact Sheet

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