Current Problem

Multiple SWAs have recently seen a massive spike in fraudulent unemployment claims, resulting in some states pausing the processing of new claims to strengthen their identity verification process.

On Point Technology (OPT) is making available a fraud detection Solution-as-a-Service to combat this latest wave of attacks on the UI program.

Data breaches over the past decade have provided bad actors with high-quality identity data.  Fraudsters use the dark web as a “supermarket” for the data needed to file fraudulent UI claims.

They are organized, well-funded, and can bombard a SWA claims intake system with large volumes of fraudulent claims.  Billions have been lost from state Unemployment Insurance Trust Funds as well as funds made available by the Federal CARES Act, with the losses increasing each week exponentially.

On Point Special Offer

On Point has an outstanding Stop Fraud Now solution to combat the current situation – a low-cost and no-commitment solution that can be live within days.

Load a batch of initial claims or any backlog of claims through the Fraud Prevention Service (FPS).  The FPS consists of claimant’s state ID Proofing (OPTimum UIdentify), crossmatch against NASWSA’s Integrity Data Hub (OPTimum IDH Broker), and finally analysis through fraud detection algorithms (OPTimum ID Theft).  Have access to the results through the Lead Tracker screens, formatted reports, or a data file that can be loaded into your benefits system.

You can utilize the solution for a term of up three months then decide to integrate and automate the OPT Fraud Prevention System within your claims process or discontinue its use.


OPTimum Integrity Cloud – Fraud Prevention System

Meet attacks head-on.  The OPT Fraud Prevention System consists of three tools or “Layers.” The layers are designed to work independently or as one integrated solution that stops fraudulent activity quickly and efficiently.

Triangulate fraud and attack its weaknesses until the advantage swings back to the SWA.

Each layer that identifies valid claimants and fraudsters can now systematically filter the massive number of claims faced by SWAs today.

OPTimum UIdentify

The first step in fraud prevention is to stop them at the gate.

The way to do this is require the only proof of identity the criminals do not have; a physical state issued ID (driver’s license or ID). The fraudsters do not have this. This ID is the first line of defense.

  • UIdentify requires a physical action, in the form of scanning an ID, which only the claimant can perform.
  • Estimates indicate that 85% to 95% of the working public possess a driver’s license or state ID.
  • ID proofing by scanning an individual’s driver’s license and matching it against the National State Repository ensures sophisticated fraudsters cannot break through the state system.



OPTimum ID Theft

The second layer in the OPT Fraud Prevention system is OPTimum Identity Theft that analyzes initial claims through a proven analytics solution.  If your agency must accept claims that do not require ID proofing, this layer gives insight on the likelihood of fraud and highlights the data triggering the suspicion.  The layer ranks the claims by the probability of fraud, allowing your team to choose which claims to pay and which claims to prioritize for investigations.

  • Decades of UI fraud investigative knowledge informs the robust proprietary scoring algorithm built into the OPT Identity Theft layer, enabling the system to determine claims compromised through identity theft accurately.
  • As a result, fraud is stopped on “Day One.”
  • Through machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), this layer is continuously learning and growing, increasing its ability to flag fraudulent claims activity.
  • OPT Identity Theft is a much needed and proven defense line that stops constantly evolving fraud schemes that are also increasing in sophistication.of UI fraud investigative knowledge informs the robust proprietary scoring algorithm built into the OPT Identity Theft layer, enabling the system to determine claims compromised through identity theft accurately

OPTimum IDH Broker


The third layer of the OPT Fraud Prevention system is OPTimum IDH broker. This layer analyzes claims by matching them against a multi-state suspicious actor repository (SAR) and provides both SAR (Suspicious Actor Repository) and IDV (Identity Verification) responses.  OPTimum IDH broker provides insights on the likelihood of fraud, highlights of the data triggering the suspicion, and allows your team to prioritize investigations.


  • OPTimum IDH broker integrates NASWA’s national repository of confirmed fraudulent claims.
  • Creates a repository of state-confirmed suspicious actors and then runs intra-state cross matches to aid in tracking intra-state fraud schemes.

Here’s how the Fraud Prevention Service works:

Extract a batch of Regular and/or PUA claims from your system(s).  On Point will load the claims into the OPTimum Integrity Cloud and processing them through all three solutions (OPTimum UIdentify, OPTimum IDH broker, OPTimum ID Theft).

The results will be available within the solutions Lead Tracker screens and will be provided in a formatted report or data format for loading into your benefit system.  Perform this cycle any number of times throughout the period of the service.

You will have blocked fraud and validated claimants allowing for timely payments while exposing fraud AND its suspicious attributes.

Details of the Fraud Prevention Services offer:

  • OPTimum Fraud Prevention Service Tools described above for a term of three months. After the three months you can decide to continue using the OPT-FPS in your operations or discontinue its use.
  • One-time low-cost investment – includes ETL services and access to OPT’s cloud environment.
  • After this three-month service, If you choose to keep using the solution beyond the three-month term – the one-time investment can be credited towards the subscription costs of the full suite

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