What We Do

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Founded in 1996, On Point Technology is the leading independent solution provider dedicated to Unemployment Insurance (UI) agencies. Our company was founded by former UI agency staff and executives for one reason, to provide better, modern, more efficient solutions to your everyday needs.
In addition to offering innovate solutions that have transformed the UI industry, we provide government benefit & integrity programs the following services:

  • Sophisticated reporting and management tools to detect identity theft, organized fraud and tax evasion (click to Aware overview)
  • Software solutions that help UI Agencies prevent, detect and process UI overpayments, both fraudulent and non-fraudulent (click to BARTS overview)
  • Configuration solutions that efficiently recover overpayments and manage collections (click to Recover overview)
  • Case Management tools that automate the complex and labor-intensive processes associated with civil and criminal prosecution cases (click to Enforce overview)

Experience with 50% of UI agencies, #1 in the industry


100% successful product deployment rate


Multiple invitations to provide expert testimony to Congress


Regularly consult with agencies, DOL and industry organizations

Experienced. Qualified. Trusted. Innovative

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