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OPTimum Integrity Cloud

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Revolutionizing Benefits Programs for More Than 30 Years

Founded by former state and federal agency staff and executives, On Point provides superior, modern, and efficient solutions. During our decades of service, our innovations have transformed the way agencies do business.

Nimble Solutions That Work

System Modernization
The need to modernize existing systems is urgent. Our software solutions reduce risk, comply with all regulations, improve processes and efficiencies, and lower operating expenses. Our best-of-breed OPTimum Platform delivers a modern, maintainable, and flexible application architecture with the latest technology to promote long-term stability.

Consulting & Integrations

Anchored in our proven track record of consistent, exceptional service to state benefits agencies, the On Point team is unrivaled in its expertise. Whether it is process analysis and enhancement, mandates, or SQSP compliance, let us help you by providing tangible, measurable improvements to your state benefits systems.
Predictive Analysis & Reporting
With over 30 years of experience in providing reports and actionable information to agencies, we’ve developed responsive, user-driven interfaces to create custom reports and analytics on demand. Our team of data scientists have decades of combined experience in developing machine learning and predictive analytics.
Fraud Prevention & Investigation
Organized crime is syphoning billions of dollars from states’ budgets through benefit programs fraud. On Point’s predictive-analytics based fraud detection software has helped our partners prevent or recover more than $4 billion in fraudulent and non-fraud over payments. Enhanced for program participants and those without technical skill, our solutions quickly detect and catch patterns of fraud.
Claims Adjudication
Streamline the adjudication of multiple types of audits with our nimble software solutions. On Point’s extensive knowledge of state and federal benefits program litigation means that our solution integrates with legacy adjudication workflow. Automate significant portions of the adjudication process, perform multiple types of audits, reduce paperwork, and be more productive with same amount of staff.
Collections & Legal Enforcement
Recovering precious taxpayer dollars is a challenge but On Point offers numerous solutions and services to significantly boost your state’s collections. Currently, far too many fraudulent overpayments require legal action but our OPTimum platform helps increase your lawyers’ productivity by automatically generating all collections-related notices and documents.

Who We Are

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