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Founded by former state and federal agency staff and executives, On Point provides superior, modern, and efficient solutions. During our decades of service, our innovations have transformed the way agencies do business.

Stop Fraud with the OPTimum Integrity Cloud


Organized crime is syphoning billions of dollars from states budgets through benefit programs fraud. On Point’s predictive-analytics based fraud software has helped our partners prevent or recover more than $4 billion infraudulent and non-fraud over payments. With our proprietary software leading the way, the days of “pay and chase” are over. On Point can help your SWA prevent a majority of your fraud at the point of creating an account or the initial claim.


With our Identity proofing software, state work force agencies by utilizing the national drivers license data verification service to quickly and accurately verify an applicants identity.     Additional solutions provide access to the Integirty Data Hub provided by NASWA and lervery the multi state Suspicious Actor Repository


Automate significant portions of the adjudication process, perform multiple types of audits, reduce paperwork, and be more productive with same amount of staff.  OPTimum Resolve is our case management system that handles identity issues end-to-end.  Resolve uses a business process engine to simplify issue resolution into consistent and repeatable steps, and guides staff through the entire process of issue resolution.


Recovering precious taxpayer dollars is a challenge but On Point offers numerous solutions and services to significantly boost your state’s collections.  Improve the management of collections by fully automating the vast majority of your overpayments. Our software captures, tracks, and manages the recovery of overpaid benefits while simplifying your staffs’ recouping workflow.


Automates the complicated and labor-intensive efforts associated with civil and criminal prosecution cases. Built exclusively for benefits programs, this innovative software seamlessly supports wage garnishment, lien, civil actions, and criminal prosecution. Applies federal, state, and agency regulations to generate legal documents, suggest venues and jurisdictions, and work titles for courts and court officers. OPTimum Enforce will access overpayment, recovery, claim, benefit, and document data to help users build the initial case file.

OPTimum Integrity Cloud – Stops Fraud In Its Tracks