Unemployment Insurance Adjudication, Integrity and Modular Modernization Experts.

On Point technology, via the OPTimum Integrity Cloud, can lead you through your modular modernization journey. We have 25+ years of company experience and 21 states actively using our integrity software.
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Lack of true adjudication software was Unemployment Insurance's biggest point of failure.

Passive adjudication practices, massive fraud and a persistent backlog of non adjudicated claims plagued most benefit systems.
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Never Modernize Again.

Why your state workforce agency should never, ever sponsor a monolithic modernization initiative, ever again.
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Modernization Failures.

During the recent Covid recession, modernized UI benefit systems fared no better than legacy systems.
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Modular Modernization versus Monolithic Modernization.

The verdict is in, modular modernization is the future.
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OPTimum Resolve is here.

The most advanced adjudication intelligence software in the Unemployment Insurance landscape.

Fact Finding Automation

Automate much of the clerical work associated with collection information from employers and claimants.

Timely Determinations

Gain efficiency through the power of automation and watch your issue closing metrics rise.

Flexible Workflow

System is always current as adding or updating work flows to add new issue types is a featured capability.

Scheduling System

Our modular architecture allows easy integration with your SWA scheduling system.

Our Customers

On Point has provided UI software to over 25 states.

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