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On Point Technology can help you do more with your UI administrative dollars. UI modernization programs continue to fall victim to overpriced, under scoped and late project efforts. On Point Technology’s OPTimum UI Series represents a different approach to meeting your UI challenges.


Everyone knows a dollar spent preventing fraud is far more effective than a dollar spent investigating, establishing and recovering the fraud. UI agencies often need help to understand how to switch their administrative approach towards prevention and away from the “pay and chase” model. On Point Technology’s Fraud Prevention Services are designed to meet this challenge.

UI agencies can free their administrative resources and begin to prevent fraud during the initial claims process. State governments are following the lead of the financial industry by validating and authenticating their employers and claimants before offering services and distributing financial payments.

Solutions are available that cross-reference the identity of the individual applying for the benefit against billions of data records. UI agencies can now link and match layers of disparate data to recognize and flag anomalies that are strong indicators of data errors, processing mistakes, and fraud.

With On Point Technology’s help, state governments can make more confident decisions, utilize resources more efficiently and safeguard their UI trust fund dollars.

Prevention products include: Aware Enterprise, BARTS and Fraud Prevention Services

UI professionals across the country know the resources dedicated to detection and investigations never keep pace with the total workload. Letting the case backlog grow, raising the threshold of the case opening criteria and closing the case after a cursory review are common approaches to this dilemma.

On Point Technology has helped UI agencies maintain the integrity of their detection and investigations efforts while increasing the overall output. In fact, no one else has more experience in this area. On Point Technology’s solutions helped states establish over $300 million in UI overpayments last year.

Thorough investigations and credible determinations are the foundation of sound detective practices. On Point Technology has helped numerous state UI agencies strengthen their foundation through the adoption of OPTimum UI technology.

Detection & Investigation products include: Aware Enterprise and BARTS

Adjudicating initial and continued UI claims requires states to invest more administrative resources than any other functional area within the UI program. Recent modernization efforts have improved a UI agency’s interactions with employers and claimants while the efficiency, timeliness and quality of determination decisions have suffered.

A lot goes into consistent, timely and quality determinations including optimized processes, trained personnel and supportive tools. Most UI administrators find balancing these items effectively a challenge in today’s environment. On Point Technology’s knowledge can help agencies improve their BTQ scores and comply with Core Measure performance goals and targets.

Adjudication products include: Intelligent Fact Finding (IFF) and Core Overpayments

Each year state governments write off over $1 billion in overpaid UI benefits owed.  Trust fund fiduciaries, tax-paying employers and the auditors have taken notice.  In fact, this has been an area of active policy making including the Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act of 2010.

Recovering these precious taxpayer dollars is a challenge given the limited technology and tools available to UI collections agents.  The dynamic nature of reopened UI claims, redeterminations and offsets complicates the issues limiting the effectiveness of conventional collection methods.

On Point Technology offers numerous solutions and services that can help your state boost the dollars collected by their existing collections agents.  Learn how states can meet their IPERA obligations with OPTimum UI technology.

Collections product: Recover

Big data and predictive analytics are being used to improve outcomes throughout society, including the environment, education and healthcare. These same technology trends are just beginning to impact the nation’s UI program as well.

Better employment opportunities for our unemployed workers, the elimination of waste, fraud and abuse occurring in paid benefits, and optimizing the contributions of our employers without stifling job creation are a few of the improved outcomes needed by the UI program.

OPTimum UI technology has begun to deliver on the promise of predictive analytics. We can help UI programs learn how to deploy logistic regression, random forests and neural networks to improve their own UI program.

Predictive Analytics products: Aware Enterprise and Predict

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