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barts SIDES

Meet The U.S. Department of Labor’s (USDOL) priority of reducing improper payments with Barts SIDES.

The Barts SIDES module helps SWAs meet the USDOL’s priority of reducing improper payments by allowing SWAs to electronically transmit UI information requests to participating employers, multi-state employers, and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) via the NASWA State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES). Verifying wages electronically will prevent improper payments by reducing the time to adjudicate cases and obtaining complete information.

The benefits of Barts SIDES are measurable:

  • Improve performance by enabling SWAs to automate wage earnings information directly into Barts.
  • Avoid manual handing of wage earnings information and speed the process of overpayment detection by integrating information exchanges through SIDES into their current process.
  • Prevent improper payments by reducing the time to adjudicate claims.
  • Obtain complete information by receiving wage earnings information electronically and completely prorated per the state’s benefit week end date.

Barts SIDES delivers:

  • UI trust fund savings through overpayment prevention.
  • More efficient use of SWA administrative dollars.
  • Customer friendly self-service options for your employers.

RESOURCES: See the latest announcements, fact sheets, and other detailed information about Barts SIDES.

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