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Improve employer responsiveness to Wage Audit Notices and reduce postage costs with Barts-Internet Response Module for Employers (IRME).

Barts-IRME provides employers the opportunity to receive and respond to the numerous quarterly Wage Audit Notices (WAN) they receive in the mail electronically via Internet.

At the center of Barts’ case processing is the ability to obtain information from employers regarding earnings which have been unreported or underreported by claimants. Towards this end, Wage Audit Notices are sent to employers, who are required by law to complete the forms with payroll information and return them to the Agency by mail or by fax. Despite this legal requirement, employers often do not respond to the wage request with the result that potential fraud and overpayments remain undetected. Barts-IRME offers employers the additional option of completing the Wage Audit Notices via a secure web connection, thus enhancing the likelihood to capture additional claimant earnings.

Barts-IRME is accessible via a secure Agency website at which the wages may be posted directly into Barts. Although the employer remains responsible for allocating all wages into the week in which they were earned, the website provides the Agency with the ability to enforce its business rules.  The software can automatically prorate non-compliant (bi-weekly, monthly, etc.) wages into compliant (Saturday week end date) format for review and validation by the employer.  In addition, employers have the ability to electronically create a copy of the completed Wage Audit Notice for their records in Adobe® Acrobat Portable Document Format (.pdf).

The employer-reported earnings and notation that the form has been completed are posted to the Barts database and processed as a physical document would have been.  Lastly, Barts-IRME can be integrated into the Agency’s imaging system repository providing links to the case in the same manner as is currently employed.

Receiving eWAN via e-mail is an option available to employers. Employers may choose to opt-in to the program by using the Barts-IRME system.  This can be done by either adding or updating their e-mail address to which the eWANs will be transmitted.

Each time a Wage Audit Notice is generated, Barts checks the employer’s participation in the eWAN program by checking their opt-in flag and e-mail address and either automatically e-mailing the Wage Audit Notice or mailing it according to the employer’s preference.  The eWANs will be imaged and viewable according to current standards. Wages will be stored and tied to a case just as they currently are.

The employer-specified e-mail address will receive the eWANs as a .pdf attachment.  The e-mails can also contain messages to employers regarding filing instructions, a link to Barts-IRME, and/or legalities.

Barts-IRME benefits SWAs by:

  • Dramatically improves employer responsiveness to Wage Audit Notices.
  • Lowering postage costs.
  • Supporting paperless Wage Audit Notices.
  • Increasing timely and proactive investigations.
  • Improving employer relations by providing Wage Audit Notice delivery options.

RESOURCES: See the latest announcements, fact sheets, and other detailed information about Barts-IRME.

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