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Improve Unemployment Insurance integrity by saving your Unemployment Insurance trust fund millions of dollars annually with Barts!

The Benefit Audit, Reporting, and Tracking System (Barts) saves state trust funds millions of dollars annually by systematically managing the detection and processing of Unemployment Insurance overpayments.

With more than two decades of proven success and fourteen state installations, Barts is the only software product that helps agencies prevent, detect, and process both fraudulent and non-fraudulent Unemployment Insurance overpayments. Barts performs multiple types of audits and automatically manages cases, streamlining the adjudication process and reducing paperwork for agency staff, claimants, and employers. It increases the overall efficiency, productivity, and reliability of unemployment insurance programs.

Barts is fully configurable to meet individual state laws and regulations, enabling states to dramatically increase their overpayment investigations with the same staff levels. Barts incorporates well proven best practices and helps unemployment insurance administrators to meet the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) goals.

Barts Modules
Barts now offers modules to further improve the integrity of Unemployment Insurance systems.

Barts IRME (Internet Response Module for Employers) improves employer responsiveness to Wage Audit Notice requests, thereby reducing the likelihood of an employer tax increase and at the same time decreasing administrative costs and postage.

Barts NDNH provides built-in support for the National Directory of New Hires (NDNH) by providing crossmatches that compare the NDNH file against state UI benefit claims, federal records, military records, and other states’ wage records.

Barts On-Demand Crossmatch helps SWAs meet the U.S. Department of Labor’s priority of reducing improper payments by allowing SWAs to perform wage crossmatches as wage data is added to their database, thus significantly decreasing the traditional wait time of a once-a-quarter benefit crossmatch. SWAs have the option to execute the On-Demand Crossmatch weekly or monthly. By detecting overpayments earlier, SWAs can stop active overpaid claims sooner, thereby reducing the total amount and the average size of overpayments and protect the integrity of their UI Trust Fund.

Barts SIDES helps SWAs meet the U.S. Department of Labor’s priority of reducing improper payments by allowing SWAs to electronically transmit UI information requests to participating employers, multi-state employers, and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) via the NASWA State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES). Verifying wages electronically will prevent improper payments by reducing the time to adjudicate cases and obtaining complete information.

FEATURES: Barts’ capabilities are based on Fast Path processing.

RESOURCES: See the latest announcements, fact sheets, and other detailed information about Barts.

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