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Read more about how our hands-on experience has delivered results for Unemployment Insurance Agencies across the nation for more than a decade. Have a specific topic you would like more information about? Just let us know.

State Unemployment IT Modernization: Lessons Learned – A Cost Effective, Sustainable, Low-Risk Approach
Federal and State Unemployment Insurance professionals have been struggling to modernize their UI Benefits and Tax systems for over a decade, unfortunately with little success. Using over 25 years of experience delivering software to states, On Point Technology has produced the following white paper to analyze these challenges: State Unemployment IT Modernization: Lessons Learned – A Cost Effective, Sustainable, Low-Risk Approach. This white paper will discuss:

  • History and challenges facing UI Modernization
  • Key Lessons Learned by Agencies
  • Important requirements any UI system should address
  • The Solution: A cost effective, sustainable and low risk approach

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New Administration White Paper
This white paper is intended to draw together information and analysis regarding the potential impacts the current presidential administration is likely to have on state workforce and unemployment insurance operations. The current executive is intentionally shifting away from the budgetary, policy, and regulatory standards followed by recent presidential administrations. Although the character and magnitude of this shift are still in flux, it is not too soon to begin to plan and adapt state operations to adjust for the coming changes.This white paper will discuss:
This white paper will discuss:

  • Economic factors that may impact state agency operations
    The new administration’s promoted changes to funding and new initiatives that will influence operations and execution of agency programming
  • Job training and the impact of the proposed budget reduction for federal training
  • New trade regulations that could influence on labor engagement
  • The new administration’s stance on support for paid maternal leave
  • The prioritization around identifying misclassified workers that we’ve seen in recent years may diminish
  • Lastly, H-1Brestrictions may have a significant impact on states that rely on foreign labor to support their IT operations and systems

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How Aware Enterprise Fits Into Existing Technology Plans
Gain insight on how to fit new technology into a unemployment insurance agency’s existing IT infrastructure. You will also learn more about some common misperceptions, best practices, and see examples of successful implementations.

How Aware Enterprise Fits Into Existing Technology Plans (1.21 MB)

Follow the links below for more detailed information about our Unemployment Insurance solutions.

On Point Technology Overview (1.76 MB)
Aware Enterprise Fact Sheet (1.85 MB)
Barts Fact Sheet (1.74 MB)
Enforce Fact Sheet (1.89 MB)
Intelligence Fact Finding Fact Sheet (1.82 MB)
Core Overpayments Fact Sheet (1.90 MB)
Recover Fact Sheet (1.96 MB)
UI Enterprise Dashboard Fact Sheet (1.67 MB)
Assurance & Certification Program (ACP) Fact Sheet (1.85 MB)

Some of the most well-known and helpful resources for Unemployment Insurance Agency executives and staff can be found in the links below.

U.S. Department of Labor
The United States Department of Labor’s website provides an overview of the Department’s mission, objectives, and legislative background.

National Association of State Workforce Agencies NASWA
National Association of State Workforce Agencies is an organization of state administrators of Unemployment Insurance laws, employment services, training programs, employment statistics, and labor market information and other programs and services provided through the publicly-funded state workforce system.

UI Information Technology Support Center
The Information Technology Support Center was established as a national resource by the U.S. Department of Labor, to assist all state Unemployment Insurance agencies in the area of Unemployment Insurance Information Technology.

Strategic Services on Unemployment and Workers’ Compensation UWC is an organization devoted to representing the interests of the business community in regards to national Unemployment Insurance/Employment Services (UI/ES) and Workers’ Compensation (WC) public policy issues.

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