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Beyond delivering the latest software and technology solutions, On Point Technology can help identify what investment will deliver the highest return for your Unemployment Insurance Agency. Our experience with 18 state Unemployment Insurance programs and systems has helped us gain invaluable insights and hone best practices along the way. This exclusive knowledge is infused in every On Point product as well as our services.


  • Fraud Prevention Services (FPS)
  • Process Analysis
  • Project Management
  • System Development
  • Systems Design and Analysis
  • Database Design
  • Data Rationalization
  • Programming Specifications
  • Testing Strategies and Best Practices
  • Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Training

Our Assurance & Certification Program (ACP) provides enhanced, dedicated support and proactive monitoring of subscribers’ On Point Technology solutions to ensure every dollar invested works toward the success and goals of the Unemployment Insurance Agency.

On Point Technology has partnered with a leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions designed specifically for professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting, and academic markets. This partnership has delivered Fraud Prevention Services (FPS) to the UI community.

FPS brings together unparalleled UI vendor expertise with the world’s most experienced data solutions firm to provide a cloud solution to UI agencies. So now you can easily integrate FPS into your initial claims, continued claims, and benefit payment control processes to prevent fraud and overpayments.

From a security standpoint, the entire FPS process is unequalled. For starters, it exists in a secure environment that is supported only by authorized individuals who have passed background checks. Next, we are the ones who set the standard for data protection and apply policies and procedures well beyond minimum requirements for regulatory compliance. This includes a constant auditing and validation of systems and procedures by reputable external auditing firms and reflects our commitment to the highest quality standards.

Our FPS solution has access to a much larger footprint than just traditional credit bureau data. Numerous public records and proprietary data sources are also incorporated, and these data sources are updated daily, weekly, and monthly.

In addition to having the greatest security around the protection of your data, and the most robust data sources and depth of data, our FPS sophisticated matching process leverages data in three distinct yet complementary ways:

  1. Matching based on facts
  2. Modifying matching criteria based upon measured statistics
  3. Disambiguating links by using associations with other entities (there are many John Smith’s, but very few that ever lived at the same address as Collette Smith over the last 10 years)

This combination of processes means that the more data our FPS algorithms process against, the greater success we have. This is in contrast to our competitors who typically just work from the first technique above, meaning that as the number of facts increase, the false positives increase and the quality of results deteriorate.

Advanced linking technology does more than give you a single view of any person in the United States; it forms the basis for higher levels of fusion and analysis that can be performed once the data is properly linked together. The benefit to you is you get access to world-class reference data, fusion capabilities, and algorithms without having to manage or maintain additional linking hardware or reference data.

Another advantage of our advanced linking technology is that it enables our solutions to identify and correlate relationships between entities that would otherwise appear unrelated. It constantly creates associations between records and generates the most recent and relevant contact information available. Fast, optimum results reduce the need for costly and time-consuming extended searches later in the discovery process.

FPS–Online Verification
This configurable identity verification tool verifies basic identity data on individuals and helps users spot fraudulent identities in real-time. It is capable of multiple core system data checks against our partner’s robust public records and proprietary databases, and includes tri-bureau header information to ensure that a subject’s name, address, and Social Security Number (SSN) match and are valid. In addition, the online verification solution offers age verification checks as options.

Checks in real-time of an individual’s self-entered or self-provided information:

  • Verifies information against several derogatory databases, including high-risk addresses
  • Integrates quickly into existing business processes, third-party, and other website’s software or hardware
  • Offers integration within the online authentication workflow, allowing customers to determine next steps based on verification outcome
  • Provides quick response time to support website access requirements Provides flexibility to specify number of verification checks required to “pass” verification module

The online verification solution also allows you to verify identities by choosing from a detailed menu of checks such as:

  • SSN matches the first and last name
  • Address and the last name match
  • SSN is not issued to a deceased individual
  • SSN was not issued before the applicant’s birth date
  • SSN is unique
  • Verifies that user is above a pre-defined age threshold
  • Validates Zip code is within the listed state

FPS – Online Authentication
This knowledge-based authentication solution increases assurance of an unknown individual’s identity through out-of-wallet questions. Using a multi-layered approach, this identity management process first validates that the person exists as an individual with the given name, address, DOB and SSN (via the online verification solution). Next, it asks the end user a series of personally identifying, randomly generated, out-of-wallet questions using public, private, and proprietary databases (via the online authentication solution). As a result, you can be sure you are working with the properly identified individual.

Using a common multiple-choice format, the online authentication solution is a user-friendly means to obtain the necessary identity authentication data. Public, private, and proprietary database sources are used to dynamically generate questions to increase the probability that only the owner of that identity profile will know the answers. The mix of both historical and current public records data provides additional assurance against fraudulent access due to identity theft.

On Point Technology can customize the questions based on UI agency requirements, modifying the following variable types:

  • Number of correct answers required in order to “pass”
  • Number of attempts an individual has to pass
  • Amount of time an individual has to complete the questions
  • Types and sources of data to be used

Benefits of the online authentication solution include:

  • Access to premier data resources with 50 billion public records and proprietary data
  • Verification of critical identity information of its clients quickly and economically
  • Highly scalable and flexible solution to meet current and future account opening requirements
  • Secure and reliable web-based solution for instant online access to client information
  • Seamless integration into your client-facing applications
  • Offers SAML single sign-on capability

Regardless of the industry, every technology investment faces three universal challenges: maximizing investment, driving performance and keeping pace with ever-evolving technologies.

The Assurance & Certification Program (ACP) is an exclusive service designed for On Point Technology clients. Through enhanced, dedicated support and proactive monitoring of subscribers’ On Point Technology solutions, the ACP helps Unemployment Insurance Agencies ensure every dollar invested works toward the goals of the agency.

No other company provides a program of this kind for their UI solutions.

Secure Your Investment
You will have a Dedicated Support Team who monitors your system so they can quickly track and resolve any issues. This team is made up of IT and Unemployment Insurance support professionals who are readily available through direct phone, e-mail, and Web contact.

And in the unlikely event you should you experience a system malfunction or outage, On Point Technology will work with your team to confirm the issue, severity, and develop a resolution as quickly as possible. On Point Technology is available on a 24×7 basis for any high-urgency, work-stopping situations.

Maximize Your Achievements
On Point Technology identifies and resolves Unemployment Insurance challenges and updates for all UI agencies and shares this knowledge via Point Release Updates to all ACP members.

Flex As Needs Change
Modernization and enhancement releases are delivered securely over the Web on a regular basis. This ensures your investment flexes to changing technology and business needs.

Leverage Premier Expertise
If there is a technology enhancement made for the Unemployment Insurance marketplace, you will be among the first to know as an ACP member. These Proactive Technology Solutions are designed by the top IT talent in the world and overseen by Unemployment Insurance industry specialists.

Upgrade Privileges: The ACP entitles Unemployment Insurance Agency clients to beneficial pricing allowing states to upgrade to new solutions from On Point Technology as they become available.

In recent years, top academic institutions have recognized the unique nature of health care institutions, non-profits and government institutions. On Point Technology hasn’t figured out how to sponsor a UI MBA yet, but we certainly understand the unique challenges associated with administering the UI program. UI’s 75-year history of statutes, policy and precedent combined with the joint Federal-State governance structure can overwhelm any UI rookie. The endless list of acronyms, programs and rules only complicate things further.

On Point Technology can help. Our knowledge, expertise and solutions benefit every level of the UI agency’s org chart especially executive management. UI agency leaders have never been under more pressure to make swift and smart decisions that limit risk while maximizing the return for the nation’s employers and unemployed workers.

The two OPTimum UI tools for executive management are UI Enterprise Dashboards and Predict.

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