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Intelligent Fact Finding

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With Intelligent Fact Finding (IFF) on your side, you will have access to a web-enabled fact finding machine that leads adjudicators, claimants, and employers to consistent, quality determinations. With IFF, your Agency will improve timeliness to ensure quality and consistency of your determinations. Maybe even more importantly, even inexperienced adjudicators will become more productive much faster and produce higher-quality standardized decisions thanks to IFF.


  • Non-issues are detected and eliminated because the business knowledge in Intelligent Fact Finding analyzes answers and, based on your state law, can determine that no disqualification exists
  • Only information pertinent to the resolution of the issue is gathered. Intelligent Fact Finding will present only questions relevant to the issue.
  • Intelligent question trees provide specific and objective answers from which to choose
  • Minimal reliance on subjective free-form text removes subjectivity so there are fewer appeals
  • Your agency will meet U.S. Department of Labor standards with an increase in quality and timeliness of all disputed claims
  • Proactively addresses the current and future fact finding challenges that are facing your agency

Here is a partial list of the issues that are included in Intelligent Fact Finding. This list can be modified to meet your specific state laws, rules and regulations.

  • Quit
  • Discharge
  • Labor Dispute
  • Incarceration
  • Able
  • Available
  • Work search
  • Not unemployed
  • Seasonal employment
  • Suitable work
  • Bona fide vacation
  • School attendance
  • Self-employment
  • Corporate officer
  • Professional athlete
  • Between school terms
  • Maritime crew member
  • Registration
  • Union member
  • Earnings
  • Severance pay
  • Pension

Want to learn more?
The link below includes detailed information about Intelligent Fact Finding.

IFF Fact Sheet

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