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Now you can have the power of a real-time dashboard showing you the vital management data you need. The cutting-edge dashboard technology of the UI Enterprise Dashboard gives you greater control of your organization’s performance. Now not only can you see your data in the most meaningful way, but you can now put that data to work to quickly improve performance. Best of all, the UI Enterprise Dashboard works with any agency database. And more than being easy to implement, it is able to be customized to your situation for today and beyond.


  • Planning/Forecasting
    Use the workload data to forecast staffing needs, for trend analysis in projecting future resource requirements, or as support in developing budget data. With system information now immediately available, the possibilities are endless
  • Performance Reporting
    Simplifies to the otherwise difficult task of performance reporting by giving you unprecedented ease with the click of a button. Generating and printing reports of the information displayed on the Dashboard is quick and effortless
  • Trend Analysis
    Interactive tools allow you to further analyze your Agency data using drill down methods. Drilling down provides increasingly detailed views including other charts, graphs, gauges, and data tables. By drilling down into your data you can discover trends, exceptions, and root-causes
  • Filtering
    Specify the time frames you want to gain information about and then you are able to drill down by quarter, month, or week
  • Resource Allocation
    By analyzing real-time UI activities, you can more easily prioritize resource allocation and optimize caseload distribution. In a quick snapshot, data can be analyzed for the identification of process improvements resulting in improved processing efficiencies and savings
  • Dashboard Security
    You have the option of limiting UI Enterprise Dashboard views based on Agency-defined roles. The filtering options available are based on role-based views and security access. The UI Enterprise Dashboard integrates with the Agency’s existing security policies and systems, such as LDAP and Active Directory

Easy to Implement and Open to Customization
Our UI Enterprise Dashboard is fast and easy to implement, while at the same time providing a robust and interactive solution for instant information, analysis, and decision-making. The average time to implement our UI Enterprise Dashboard is four months. Over time, requirements and expectations for the UI Enterprise Dashboard may change. We recognize state-specific requirements and the need to support state-to-state program differences. Our UI Enterprise Dashboard solution is flexible, allowing your state’s changing needs to be addressed quickly.

Want to learn more?
The link below includes detailed information about UI Enterprise Dashboard.

UI Enterprise Fact Sheet

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