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The Benefit Audit, Reporting, and Tracking System (Barts) is the only software product to help Unemployment Insurance Agencies prevent, detect, and process both fraudulent and non-fraudulent Unemployment Insurance overpayments.

With Barts, you will be able to perform multiple types of audits…automatically manage cases…streamline the adjudication process…and reduce paperwork for everyone.

Bottom line: Barts could save your state trust funds millions of dollars annually.

It is also important to note that Barts can be configured to meet individual state laws, rules and regulations. So you can dramatically increase overpayment investigations with the same staff levels. And you can be confident in Barts—it incorporates proven best practices and is designed specifically to meet the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) goals.


  • The only software product that prevents, detects, and processes fraudulent and non-fraudulent Unemployment Insurance overpayments
  • Adjudicate 90% of cases from detection to decision without any human intervention through Barts Fast Path™ processing
  • Reduced paperwork, streamlined processes, and better quality control
  • Benefit Payment Control can handle a much higher volume of cases without increasing investigator workload because Barts can automate routine cases
  • Performs multiple types of audits, automatically manages cases, streamlines the adjudication process
  • Automatically audits and manages cases for an enhanced and consistent adjudication process for agents, claimants, and employers
Incorporates national best practices. Helps UI administrators meet Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) goals.
Fully configurable to meet individual state laws, rules and regulations. Unemployment Insurance Agencies can significantly increase overpayment investigations with the same staff levels.

Barts also offers these modules to improve the integrity of Unemployment Insurance systems:

Barts SIDES (State Information Data Exchange System)
Allows you to electronically transmit UI information requests to participating employers, multi-state employers, and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) via the NASWA State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES).

Barts IRME (Internet Response Module for Employers)
Improves employer responsiveness by giving employers the opportunity to receive and respond to the numerous quarterly Wage Audit Notices (WAN) electronically via Internet.

Barts Incarceration Crossmatch
Identifies prisoners that continue to certify their unemployment insurance claim despite their able and availability shortcomings. Barts incarceration crossmatch can be configured to accept prison records from state, county or municipal governments, in addition to private industry data sources. Barts will instantly stop any active claim and create the overpayment transaction based on the reported incarceration event.

Barts FraudX
Suspicious overpayment cases are identified and ranked according to our proprietary FraudX™ benefit wage crossmatch. This model scores and ranks cases based on the likelihood of being fraudulent. The higher the FraudX™ score, the more likely a case is overpaid or contains fraud. FraudX™ allows UI agencies to dedicate investigative resources towards focusing on cases with the highest FraudX™ scores. Currently, there is no other algorithm or fraud model deployed in the UI industry that has a longer history or has detected more unemployment insurance overpayments.

Barts On-Demand Crossmatch

  • Early detection means overpayments are discovered faster
  • Stops active overpaid claims sooner
  • Reduces the total amount and the average size of overpayments
  • Protects the integrity of your UI Trust Fund
  • Meets USDOL initiatives by reducing improper payments

Barts NDNH

  • Provides two crossmatches to prevent and detect overpayments in the Unemployment Insurance program
  • Hits are processed by Barts case management via its Fast Path process

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