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Aware Enterprise is a suite of expert data analysis and management tools that gives you the powerful technology you need to capture and consolidate all of your active and historical data into a single repository.

Having Aware Enterprise means you can efficiently store, manage and analyze 100% of your enterprise data. So you end up with a nimble system that allows easy access to the critical information you need to uncover the clues and patterns that detect organized fraud. And quicker than ever before.

Aware Enterprise also offers several distinct sub-modules if you need to set up specialized fields such as UI Benefits, UI Tax and Misclassified Workers.


  • Consolidates all enterprise data into one repository
  • Generate real-time results in minutes with Workforce Reporter
  • Maximize your existing data store and also easily incorporate new data resources into your queries
  • Research labor market, economic, and demographic data
  • Explore your data with novel drill-down techniques and filter and sort in varying levels of detail
  • Save queries and share them or submit them later in order to analyze trends in your data over time and between regions
  • Instantly access trend reporting and answer user-defined questions about your workforce data
  • Able to perform advanced queries via pre-programmed one-click audits. Configurable modules:
    • UI Benefits. Target organized, identity theft based fraud with advanced abilities to collect data and perform sophisticated pattern analyses.
    • UI Tax. Identify instances of employers underpaying or not filing UI taxes and helps keep the UI system in check.
    • Misclassified Workers. Uncover instances of employers intentionally misclassifying individuals as independent contractors rather than employees.
  • Supports ODBC transactions such as SQL inquiry statements (ANSI SQL 92 compliant).

Powerful tools are built into Aware Enterprise…
Workforce Reporter is the most advanced program on the market for sophisticated workforce reporting. Workforce Reporter performs queries across multiple disparate databases, aggregates data, and lets you navigate through the information in real time. Reports that used to take weeks—even months—can now be created in minutes.

One-click audits allow you to perform advanced queries and execute predictive analytics. Utilizing Aware Enterprise’s combined data repository, one-click audits let you interrogate data from disparate data sources in order to uncover clues and patterns indicative of organized fraud.

Our proprietary FraudX™ Fictitious Employer model scores and ranks cases based on the numerous employer and claimant attributes and actions. The higher the FraudX™ score, the more likely a case is overpaid or contains fraud related to stolen identities. FraudX™ allows UI agencies to dedicate investigative resources towards focusing on cases with the highest FraudX™ scores.

Empower your Unemployment Insurance Agency staff with the ability to fight fraud with just a few clicks
Utilizing advanced data collection and pattern analysis, the Aware Enterprise for UI Benefits module strengthens the integrity of your system by detecting and deterring organized fraud. The system allows for user-defined reporting that enables you to conduct analyses on the fly without bothering your IT department.

One of the most powerful benefits of the UI Benefits module is the “one-click” audit. Developed with input from fraud investigators nationwide, several of these audits are based on actual data clues that led to the exposure of UI fraud. Choose from one-click audits that automatically compile and analyze all possible sources of fraud: claimants, employers, and agency staff.

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