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Labor Secretary Nominee Testifies Before Senate Committee

Acosta_CR-Keren CarrionOn March 22, during the confirmation hearing before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, R. Alexandar Acosta, labor secretary nominee, testified he would take an evidence-based approach to cuts rather than the across-the-board cuts in the President’s budget proposal. Acosta said, “The principle that needs to be used to guide the spending is, ‘How successful is the program?’”

“If confirmed as secretary of labor, one of the things that I want to do is go through these programs that compiled the data, because for a lot of these programs I believe the rate of return on investment in taxpayer dollars is quite significant, and would pay for itself very readily from the jobs they’ve created,” continued Acosta. Continue reading

New Hire Directory Helps States Identify UI Fraud

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment has charged a 52-year man with collecting unemployment insurance while working. The agency alleges he made $14,000 in fraudulent unemployment claims while working for three separate companies. The agency opened an investigation when the federal New Hire report listed the man as newly employed. Continue reading

State & Federal Government Action to Combat Employer Misclassification

In 2010, the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) identified the misclassification of employees as independent contractors as a serious problem.  Most recently, USDOL’s Wage and Hour Division along with the Internal Revenue Service have worked with state agencies to investigate misclassification.  These investigations resulted in $74 million in back wages for more than 102,000 workers.

On Point Technology commends USDOL for its continued efforts to combat employer misclassification. However, more needs to be done and On Point Technology’s has a solution — the Misclassified Worker FraudX™ solution. Built upon the OPTimum framework, the solution enhances State Agencies’ ability to detect and prevent both intentional and unintentional UI tax avoidance stemming from the misclassification of employees as independent contractors. Continue reading

Top 10 Requirements for a Modern UI System

The U.S. General Accounting Office found that states are facing multiple challenges in modernizing their systems, while at the same time recognizing states’ significant dependency on and the criticality of UI applications. With so much riding on these systems, it is crucial that states demand applications that meet modern standards for Enterprise systems as well as providing long term value for customers and stakeholders. Continue reading

Crime Doesn’t Pay: Two Sentenced for Identity Theft in Washington State

After pleading guilty in November, two identity thieves in Washington state have been sentenced to four years in federal prison. Before being arrested last August, the pair was living the high life for four years stealing the identities of friends, relatives, and former employees of a credit union.The two were arrested last August for using stolen identities to steal $50,000 in unemployment benefits and defrauding credit unions of more than $300,000. Continue reading

Arizona Reports on UI Fraud Convictions

The Arizona Department of Economic Security has reported that during the months of April, May and June this year 43 individuals were convicted of defrauding the Unemployment Insurance program. The convictions resulted in restitution orders totaling $232,000 and over $9000 in fines. These results are directly related to strong efforts to detect, investigate and prosecute fraud and other crimes by Unemployment Insurance claimants. Continue reading

Congratulations to our Partner: The Texas Workforce Commission

Combining the hard working investigative resources of the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) and the powerful and advanced capability of Aware to achieve well deserved praise and recognition.

Congratulations to the TWC, as their Improve Fraud Discovery project has received the 2016 Best of Texas award for Best Data Analytics/Business Intelligence Project.The Center for Digital Government, in announcing the award, wrote:

“The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) and their contractor developed a business intelligence capability to uncover the clues and patterns of Unemployment Insurance (UI) fraud. TWC investigators additionally developed their own set of queries, taking the supplied analytics to a more detailed level. TWC estimates that the new tool has reduced the time required to detect, research and document suspicious Ul activity by 50 percent – without requiring direct support from IT. Continue reading

New FraudX™ Solution Added to the Suite of Fraud Detection Tools

On Point Technology (OPT) has developed the New Hire FraudX to eliminate non-productive work for Agency Staff.

The Massachusetts Division of Unemployment Assistance is the first agency in the country using this newly released tool.  This new tool combines OPT’s subject matter expertise in the UI industry and the advanced data analytic capability of Aware Enterprise.

On Point Technology’s New Hire Crossmatch FraudX™ solution allows state agencies to utilize SDNH and NDNH to their fullest capacity – essential at all times, but especially now with severely strained State Unemployment Insurance Agency budgets reducing staffing levels. This application reduces the case load for agents by filtering out hits without overpayments. It also identifies duplicate issues before an employer is sent an unnecessary earning request letter, or an investigator spends time on working a non-productive overpayment. Continue reading

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